is a group of professional and amateur astronomers working on stellar physics


We invite professional astronomers working on stellar physics and interested amateurs to join us for future professional and amateur (ProAm) collaborations at various observatories to exploit the potential of worldwide amateur spectroscopy and photometry.

Our Aim

Enabling an international ProAm dialogue.

Bringing together already existing groups for coordinated campaigns.

Performing long-term professional observations at various observatories.

Publishing in refereed international journals.

Amateur photometry of stars has been performed for many years, including respective state-of-the-art results. But this is not valid for spectroscopy. However, during the last few years, various spectrographs have been successfully designed and constructed by dedicated amateur astronomers using off-the-shelf optics and blazed gratings, and have been properly adapted to respective telescopes. On the market side first instruments delivering a spectral resolution of more than 10.000 are now also available, and after the successful design and construction of various prototypes by some skilled amateurs, the first off-the-shelf Echelle spectrographs are also available.

It is our intention to exploit private observatories for professional work. This also includes observations at professional sites to organize campaigns which are not easy to perform in professional astronomy - long-term measurements, surveys and monitoring.

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