The Pro-Am Campaign on WR Stars 2013
Members of the ProAm ConVento Group during our
WR 140 campaign workshop 2009 in Portugal.

In Summer 2013 a joint group of amateur and professional spectroscopists want to observe two important Wolf-Rayet stars in the Cygnus constellation, WR 134, WR 135 and WR 137.
We try to understand the connection between the hidden invisible surface and the strong radiatively driven winds. During a very long international campaign of about four months around culmination at July 17 we want to test for periodicities and stochastic clumping in the winds.

We will run the campaign from May 17 to September 17. We invite amateurs and professionals to join our team with their spectroscopic and photometric instrumentation.

During a professional meeting in Canada a group of professional and amateur astronomers decided to start a new project and ask for spectroscopic and photometric support in the worldwide amateur domain. You can find the most important information in this website and the respective discussion forum. Do not hesitate to join us by registering in the forum and delivering data for this effort. Presently we collect the instrumental setup and capabilities of all interested observers.

We want to support astronomical ProAm enthusiasm as we did in 2008/2009 when a group of amateurs and professional investigated the WR + O binary WR 140 in a joint campaign at different ground and space based observatories. The project was highly successfull and resulted in a number of refereed publications plus a contribution to a PhD thesis. Information about this most recent campaign can be found in the respective webpage about WR 140.
We got 4 months telescope time at IAC80 on Tenerife and are looking for interested volunteer observers.

For all observers:
Data Acquisition Guidelines for the WR Campaign 2013
Data Acquisition Guidelines for LHIRES support observations
Guidelines for data transfer to Montreal
Our schedule for IAC80
EShel manual