Potential observational contributions from amateurs and professionals

To prepare and coordinate the world-wide campaign we collect potential observing time contributions. We would highly appreciate to have a large variety of telescopes (large and small - professional and amateurs). The support list will be permanently updated.

Data sheets delivered by

Marco Leonardi


Offered by

Archived spectra of both stars going back to 1986 from Dominion Astronomical Observatory (DAO 1.2m) in Canada.

Grant Hill

Ask for further time at DAO to obtain similar spectra that will add to the above data set. This includes the observations and reduce the data. High probabilty to get a week of telescope time.

Grant Hill

Ask for Keck-Telescope (10m - Hawaii) time using some capability we would not be able to get any other way, e.g., NIR spectra (Bracket gamma, He I 10830, etc). observation and data reduction. At best we would only be able to get a very small number of spectra though...

Grant Hill

Ask for time at STELLA Robotic Telescope (1.2m - Tenerife).

Olivier Schnurr

Ask for time at Observatoire de Haute Prevence (OHP 1.93m) in France.

Tony Moffat

Ask for time at Observatoire du Mont Mégantic (OMM 1.6m - Canada).

Tony Moffat, Nicole St-Louis, Carmelle Robert, Laurent Drissen

Ask for time at Mons Telescope (0.5m - Tenerife) depending on the allocated time at STELLA and on an observing team to be established.

Thomas Eversberg

Donating time at Observatoire du Mont Cosmos (0.4m - Quebec). Student project.

Laurent Drissen

Ask for two consecutive 2-day orbits at X-ray Multi-Mirror satellite (XMM).

Andy Pollock

Donating time at his private observatory (C11 + Lhires spectrograph - Portugal).

Filipe Dias

Donating time at his private observatory (C14 + Lhires spectrograph - Germany).

Lothar Schanne

Donating time at his private observatory (0.23m + L200 spectrograph - Italy.

Marco Leonardi