First shots - We are eager for every contribution

Here we will present first results for campaign coordination and mutual motivation before the campaign 2012. It serves as a guidline for beginners and to circumvent respective errprs. Note: Mistakes are important and very useful. The results for the campaign itself will seperately be presented. Our goal is a professional publication.


Spectrum of the Hα/HeII line from Robert Tremblay / Ville Québec / Canada

C11 (D=280 mm, f=2800mm), Slit spektrograph (Littrow), Grating 1200 l/mm. Exposure time = 5 minutes

Comment: Even within 5 minutes and a low S/N, Robert already detected the superimposed Hα/HeII emission lines. For the campaign the S/N needs to be increased by much longer exposure time and an accurate guiding loop.