Stellar Wind Workshop in Portugal

Convento da Arrábida - Lisbon, May 28 - 30, 2010

The ProAm campaign about WR140 and its periastron passage ended in March 2009. The data of our targets, including B and Oe stars collected during the campaign, are now being processed. In addition, a number of other campaigns worked on the WR 140 periastron passage.

The workshop in Portugal is organized for the evaluation of this 1st international ProAm effort and for presenting the results. A major issue is the professional need for spectroscopic data which can be delivered by advanced amateurs. We want to discuss the results of our MONS campaign targets (WR, Oe and B stars), other campaigns, physics of stellar winds, potential future projects, their needs and hurdles as well as respective strategies for a successfull work in the field of massive stars and their winds.

The workshop will be held in Friday, May 28 to Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at Convento da Arrábida, in a natural park 50 km from Lisbon (see GoogleMaps).

Preliminary presentations (subject to acceptance by each person)

Program and abstracts
  • Hot colliding winds and the 2008/2009 campaign on WR140
    Tony Moffat (Université de Montréal)

  • The WR140 periastron passage 2009 - First results from MONS and other optical sources
    Remi Fahed (Université de Montréal)

  • WR140 in the Infrared
    Peredur Williams (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)

  • Results from radio observations
    Sean Dougherty (Institute for Space Imaging Science Radio Astronomy Calgary)

  • X-ray RXTE observations
    Mike Corcoran & Kenji Hamaguchi (NASA/GSFC)

  • New models and theory
    Julian Pittard (University of Leeds)

  • WR140 and WR25: What they say about WC and WN colliding winds
    Andy Pollock (ESAC / Madrid)

  • Spectroscopic madness - A golden age for amateurs
    Thomas Eversberg (STScI)

  • Recent ProAm Campains - Be stars, CoRoT and others
    José Ribeiro

  • Magnetic fields and rotation-modulated effects in OB stars with small instruments
    Lothar Schanne

  • The Eps Aur eclipse Pro-Am campaign
    Robin Leadbeater (Three Hills Observatory)

  • Scientific collaborations in astronomy between amateurs and professionals
    Johan Knapen (IAC Tenerife)

  • How to go forward to future ProAm campaigns - Round-Table discussion

List of participants

  1. Filipe Alves (Portugal)

  2. Luis Carreira (Portugal)

  3. Mike Corcoran (NASA/GSFC - USA)

  4. Filipe Dias (Portugal)

  5. Thomas Eversberg & Britta (STScI - Germany)

  6. Remi Fahed (Université de Montréal - Canada)

  7. Alberto Fernando (Portugal)

  8. Kenji Hamaguchi (NASA/GSFC - USA)

  9. Johan Knapen (IAC Tenerife - Spain)

  10. Robin Leadbeater & Gwen (England)

  11. Tony & Ann Moffat (Université de Montréal - Canada)

  12. Andy Pollock & Sally Brooks (ESA - Spain)

  13. Jose Ribeiro & Fátima (Portugal)

  14. Eva Santos (Portugal)

  15. Lothar Schanne & Ulli (Germany)

  16. Berthold & Barbara Stober (Germany)

  17. Nelson Viegas (Portugal)

  18. Peredur Williams (Royal Observatory - Scotland)

Arrival is Friday and departure is Wednesday, which means that we have four complete days for the sessions. The workshop consists of two major sessions:

  1. Friday: General arrival.
    Saturday/Sunday: A mixed discussion illuminating the physics of massive stars with a focus on WR 140.
    Monday: First departure.

  2. Monday/Tuesday: A dedicated professional session on respective high level without further physical explanations (amateurs are invited).
    Wednesday: Second departure.

For the ProAm 4 day meeting (Friday to Monday) the approximate costs are as follows:

  • Three nights in double room all inclusive (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) = 244 Euro per person.

  • Conference room for Saturday/Sunday = 30 Euro per person.

Overall: 274 Euro per person (slight changes are possible).Those staying until Wednesday can roughly double the costs.

The monastry Arrábida itself has 16 twin rooms. Late applicants need to sleep at hotels not far away from the monestry. Children and pets are not allowed at Arrábida. Transfer from the airport will be organized.

Inscription is open. Reservation requires a deposit of 200 Euro per person. Please transfer this advancement to :

Jose Ribeiro
Bank: Millenium BCP
IBAN: PT50003300000009778211205
Subject: WR140
For the Portuguese: NIB: 0033-0000-00097782112-05

Please e-mail to jmscrib (at) after transfer. The rest of the payment will be done one month before the event.

Looking forward to meet you here, José Ribeiro and Alberto Fernando (Local organizers)