Optical laboratory

In our optical laboratory under the telescope room we will place the temperature-stabilized and fiber-coupled spectrograph of the large telescope and set up a small optical workshop. With different optics (lenses, mirrors, gratings, lasers) we will be able to perform different experiments on geometrical and wave optics.

Lab installation.

To enable our large telescope to perform scientific work, a professional echelle spectrograph will be installed in the future and operated via optical fiber in the optical laboratory. With this instrument, the entire visual light spectrum can be imaged and evaluated in very high resolution with a single acquisition.

Beam path of the future echelle spectrograph.

The technique is standard at all professional observatories, is extremely accurate, and allows optimal use of scarce observing time (weather). The instrument is currently being assembled at Macquarie University in Sydney (Australia) and will then be installed at our facility. Commissioning is planned for 2023. This will allow us to use the central tool for non-contact astronomical analysis on a large scale and to apply and teach professional astronomical analysis methods at our facility.