Our educational concept

We show young people the science.

Courtesy: Jasper v. d. Minde & Justus Rötzel (both 11 years).

Our observatory is a marketplace for pupils, students, teachers and scientists. In our school network we show what science means, how to run it and motivate for science and engineering – watching stars, making rockets fly, programming computers, etc. etc….. and having barbecue!

Jasper observing.
  1. Astronomy is an attractive introduction into SMET disciplines.
  2. Pupils learn scientific work and its virtues in our SchoolLab.
  3. Advanced young people will carry out scientific observations with the largest provincial telescopes and publish their results.
  4. In our series of seminars, these results are presented by the young scientists.
  5. Learners learn integrity, persistence, tolerance… and some English.
    Invasion at STScI.

We don’t give marks – enthusiasm counts!