Reference Observatory

Waldbröl Observatory and the Nebra Sky Disk.

The Nebra Sky Disk

Prof. Dr. Wolfhard Schlosser from Ruhr-University Bochum is a member of STScI e. V. and responsible astronomer for the examination of the Nebra Sky Disk. He has officially declared our observatory the „Reference Observatory of the Nebra Sky Disk“. The disk discovery site (and its probable use) and Waldbröl Observatory are located on almost identical geographical latitude. Therefore, observations of our Bronze Age ancestors can be reproduced by observations of the sky. The complex procedure for the prehistoric determination of the times of sowing and harvesting are of great importance, especially in relation to the school objectives of the STScI.


Prehistoric astronomical procedures and the corresponding sites can be traced and understood. Pupils from Waldbröl, for example, erected a “Nutscheid henge” based on Stonehenge in order to be able to determine the sunrise and sunset at the solstices.