The Association

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“In the event of the dissolution or dissolution of the association or the discontinuation of the tax-privileged purpose of the Association, the assets of the association shall be transferred to a public corporation or another tax-privileged body for use in the promotion of science, research and education.”

Our goals

    Astronomy is the key to enthusiasm for technology and science. This opens up career prospects, expands social participation and strengthens the future viability of the region. We will offer internships and diploma theses, carry out projects and lend telescopes.
    Talents and interests are not socially determined. They must be awakened to open up further opportunities. That’s why we also focus on junior staff who are uneducated.
    With the establishment of the “School Network Astronomy Oberberg” we have established a network of several schools in the region, which benefit from the STScI and mutually strengthen each other. The aim is to set up a student laboratory for astronomy.

In general, we want to cultivate fundamental virtues such as respect, integrity, accuracy, perseverance, honesty and self-criticism. Students can take on responsibility with us and are strengthened in character.