Our first astrophotos in the SchoolLab

In the middle of July we took our first own astrophotographs in the observatory. Before that, we had received an introduction to the controls of the telescope. After taking several pictures of the sun we were already a...

The first photo through the large telescope

To test the optical performance of our main instrument, we have now used a large CCD camera in the telescope focus for the first time. This camera is adapted to the telescope focal length, so that the image sampling is...

Report of a club member

At the beginning of August, the weather often shows its best side. The nights are already noticeably longer. So it is time again to sacrifice some hours of sleep for the dear hobby and to change it for an experience of...

Das Tor ins Weltall öffnet sich bald

Trusted journalist Arndt Gaudich caught up on our work progress, reports on the upcoming commissioning of our large telescope, and on our new colleagues.
Article: Das Tor zum Weltall öffnet sich bald