We’re astronomers!

The non-profit initiative STScI e. V. runs an observatory for the next generation with the largest telescope in Northrhine-Westfalia.

A modern SchoolLab! The association supports young scientists in the Oberbergische Kreis close to Cologne. All devices are used for training and research. The observatory is to be handed over in the long term to the “Astronomy Oberberg School Network”, which has been established in 2010, in order to achieve a sustainable effect for the region.

Knowledge creates enthusiasm! Astronomy is a wonderful means of awakening young people’s interest in technology and science. This makes sense and is particularly important in view of the low scientific interest of young people. The decisive characteristic for the region is the local “access to the sky”. This applies in particular to youth work at schools and universities, in which the STScI has a vital interest.

We need your support to make this youth work with one of the largest telescopes in Germany a success.

We want to awaken in young people the passion for technology and science that drives us.