In order to make our work with young people sustainable, we have set up a support group whose members donate a freely selectable annual contribution to the observatory. Sponsors have no obligations in the association. The annual sponsorship can be started and withdrawn at any time. We automatically issue corresponding donation receipts at the beginning of the following year. You can also set up a standing order with the keyword “Förderkreis STScI” at the Volksbank Oberberg – IBAN DE29 3846 2135 1024 9740 10 for the benefit of young technical and scientific talent.


State & Foundations
















Konstruktionsbüro Holger Nöckel (Kierspe)








Private Persons

Abdelali Aouati (Offenbach)

Rainer Borchmann (Essen)

Dr. Harald Daumann (Hamburg)

Martin Dietrich (Hamm)

Vojtěch Doležel (Roetgen)

Kurt Dusella (Waldbröl)

Willi Engels (Troisdorf)

Karl-Heinz Gehlhausen (Waldbröl)

Irmgard Kahlau-Müller (Waldbröl)

Uwe Kaltenegger (Köln)

Anette Knüttgen (Buchholz)

Christa König-Wellershaus (Waldbröl)

Dr. Friedebert Maderner (Mössingen)

Dr. Herwig Maderner (Mengen)

Kurt Mittler (Waldbröl)

Kurt Müllenmeister (Waldbröl)

Björn Oelsner (Waldbröl)

Sabine & Uwe Pack (Waldbröl)

Angela Puzicha (Hennef)

Axel Puzicha (Sankt Augustin)

Michael Puzicha (Köln)

Christian Reifenrath (Waldbröl)

Friedrich Riehl (Engelskirchen)

Gudrun Salewski-Schneider (Windeck)

Dr. Klaus Schlenga (Karlsruhe)

Schröder Family (Bochum)

Marc Simon (Reichshof)

Dr. Christiane Spaich (Mössingen)

Brigitte Thome-Bode (Hannover)

Wojciech Walczak (Waldbröl)



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