Comet Neowise

Picture: Thomas Eversberg with LUMIX LX7, 56 sec., 800 ISO
Picture: Günter Dombrowski with EOS750, ISO 800, 3 seconds

After its discovery by the space telescope WISE on March 7, 2020, comet C/2020 F3 “NEOWISE” turned out to be THE comet event of 2020. At the beginning of July it became visible to the naked eye and could be seen east of the Big Dipper without any problems. Some STScI members did not want to wait about 7,000 years until its return and pilgrimaged to places with cloudless horizon visibility to take some photos (the street lamps in Schnörringen make this impossible).

Title picture: Peter Stinner with Canon EOS 1000Da with 100mm/f2 lens at aperture 2, 45min with internal dark image processing.



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