Partial Solar Eclipse

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, an annular solar eclipse took place over the north polar region, which could be observed here as a partial solar eclipse. Around noon, the moon covered up to a maximum of 13% of the solar disk. An only slightly cloudy sky allowed in Oberberg and in the neighboring regions the undisturbed observation of the eclipse. While the Corona pandemic prevented an observation event in Schnörringen, some members of the STScI were able to capture impressions of the eclipse photographically at their places of residence. The attached overview photo shows the temporal course. The animation was created from the single solar images of the overview.

The next partial solar eclipse visible in our region will be on October 25, 2022, so quite soon. Then the Corona situation is hopefully so relaxed that many young people can observe the event with us in Schnörringen.

Text and pictures: Peter Stinner

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