Light pollution in Schnörringen

It is easy to think that the night sky in Oberberg is very dark. And indeed, measurements show that our region is not bad by Central European standards ( However, there can be local exceptions – like in Schnörringen. The old street lamps in the village radiate massively in all directions and also illuminate our school observatory. The photo shows how our school lab projects several shadows from different directions onto the side wall of the service building. The cloud stripes in the sky are also illuminated, so our astronomical work is significantly disturbed. The Milky Way is barely visible, in contrast to some places in the region where no interfering lights are turned on. Light pollution in Schnörringen is a prime example of what could be avoided if poorly designed or ineffectively installed light sources were eliminated. We are committed to giving people back the starry night sky and support any initiative to establish Schnörringen as a regional pilot project against light pollution.

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