School Network Astronomy launched

Peter Stinner shows spectroscopic techniques to interested schoolgirls.
Frank Bohlscheid presents astrophotography. Note the young astronomer in the foreground.

Eighteen months after we had to cancel the first meeting of the School Network Astronomy Oberberg due to Corona, now 35 teachers and some students from 18 schools followed our new invitation. We presented our concept of an exclusive access to the observatory for schools ( astro-groups or similar), demonstrated our observing stations and discussed possible projects and cooperations. In dialog with all participants we decided as a next step to hold a teacher workshop at the telescopes to lay a foundation for practical work with the students. Our online forum serves as a quick exchange, our online cloud serves as an archive, the online wiki serves as a source of information and schools can present themselves on our website.

Our goals are a self-organizing school network, a minimized individual workload for group supervisors and, in particular, joy in the school network. Schools that have not participated are welcome to do so.

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