Setup of our Professional Spectrograph

Klaus Vollmann, Christian Schwab and Jake Pember setting up the spectrograph.

Our cooperation in the field of research and promotion of young scientists with Macquarie University in Sydney is bearing fruit. The first components of the professional spectrograph for our large telescope were delivered from Australia by Prof. Dr. Christian Schwab and his PhD student Jake Pember and installed at our facility. Hidden in the instrument are essential opto-mechanical highlights that enable high-precision measurements at the research level. These include compact but accurate and stable alignment systems ( or adapted optical components. A dispersion grating and the prism of these dimensions can be found only at professional observatories – and with us. With this instrument, along with our large telescope, we will be able to perform top-level astrophysical work with the next generation of scientists.

The main optical components on the carrier plate.

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