On the way to the upper auxiliary station

Professionals – Viktor Teichrib & Kurt Dusella

Our three identical observing stations will get company. In order to build a didactically meaningful bridge from the first scientific steps in the student lab to our large telescope, we will use two secondary stations with larger telescopes of up to 40cm aperture. Both stations will be equipped with domes. For the larger station, we have now begun construction of the shelter building. That means, actually the two metal professionals Kurt Dusella and Viktor Teichrib took care of it.

The dome is on it. Left: Andreas Pauls. Top: Ralf Schmidt tries out his future place as supervisor.

The result is an unbreakable steel structure made of 10cm square tube, which is still covered with trapezoidal sheet metal. The matching dome was now put on by Andreas Pauls with the crane. He had already lifted our large telescope into its dome four years ago. Once again, without enthusiastic help from the region, such a thing is not possible! “I wonder how long the construction will last?” – “Well, forever!”


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