Researcher class of the comprehensive school Waldbröl visits observatory for solar eclipse

On Tuesday, 25.10. there was a partial solar eclipse over Central Europe – unfortunately for our region an almost complete cloud cover was announced. The research class 5c of the comprehensive school Waldbröl visited, accompanied by their class teachers Julia Limbach, Alexander Rogolowski, their class mentors from the upper school and principal Kirsten Wallbaum-Buchholz the observatory in Waldbröl-Schnörringen to experience this event very closely.

First, of course, there was a guided tour with presentation of the large and small telescopes of the STScI. Then from 10:45 the interest shifted: With the appropriate protective filters in front of the telescopes, it should be possible to follow the eclipse as best as possible, cloud gaps permitting. To enable as many people as possible to experience these few precious moments, a live video image was transmitted from one of the telescopes to the seminar room using newly installed technology and shown there as a large-screen projection. A parallel running computer simulation enabled the comparison between theory and reality – the solar eclipse actually proceeded absolutely according to plan. Those who wanted could also equip themselves with solar eclipse glasses and convince themselves that nothing was simulated here with technical tricks.

After this experience, many of the future researchers decided that they would definitely choose a science focus later on or participate in the astro club.

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