A speedrun

Would you like to know how long it takes to take a photo of the sun? That’s why I went to the observatory and did a speedrun for a photo of the sun for you

  • 5 minutes arrival. Put things down, unlock everything
  • 15 minutes to set up, blow away the clouds and find the sun
  • 15 minutes to set up the programme, focus and record a video of the sun (100 frames)
  • 5 minutes See that the video format is set to AVI and not RAW, record new video
  • 5 minutes Copy video to stick
  • Drink x minutes of coffee/ soft drink
  • 5 minutes stacking video images with Autostakkert
  • 30 minutes ‘tone curve’ editing to make more details visible (programme ImPPG – Image Post-Processor) )
  • 20 minutes with Gimp to sharpen, remove noise, play around with brightness and contrast + colouring

The times are relative, especially in the last two points, working out the details can let you fall into a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of. But even with a little less time spent editing, you can create impressive images that will impress your friends and family

Image & text: Patrick Staden

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