… and then came the polar lights

Typically, the electrons from a mass ejection from the sun take two to three days to reach Earth. And since a lot of matter is ejected from sunspots in particular, strong auroras could certainly be expected from the giant sunspot. And indeed, auroras in green (altitude about 120 km) and red, but also in blue (altitude about 250 km) were seen as far away as Italy. For example, we also saw them at locations in Eitorf, Engelskirchen, Bergisch-Gladbach, Marienheide and Wissen. The colors were about 5 – 10 degrees above the horizon and with the typical heights and the tangent theorem it can be determined that the lights originated about 1,500km to the north.

Photos: Ralf Schmidt & Sophia Wick. Text: Thomas Eversberg

Our club member Simon Gier has created a spectacular video. Time: 1:00 to 4:00. Location: Wissen/Sieg. Recordings: 370 photos with an exposure time of 8 seconds each. Camera: Canon EOS 80D, 10mm focal length at f/4, 10 frames per second.

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