Professional Publications

We work and publish in professional astronomy. The corresponding publications are listed below.

The orbit and stellar masses of the archetypecolliding-wind binary WR 140

An extensive spectroscopic time series of three Wolf-Rayet stars – II. A search for wind asymmetries in the dust-forming WC7 binary WR137

BRITE-Constellation high-precision time-dependent photometry of the early-O-type supergiant  Puppis unveils the photospheric drivers of its small- and large-scale wind structures

Off-the-shelf Echelle Spectroscopy: Two Devices on the Test Block

An extensive spectroscopic time-series of three Wolf-Rayet stars. I. The lifetime of large-scale structures in the wind of WR 134

World-wide amateur observations – A viable future of massive star research

The Results of the 2013 Pro-Am Wolf-Rayet Campaign

A coordinated X-ray and optical campaign of the nearest massive eclipsing binary, δ Orionis

Spectroscopic variability of two Oe stars

The 2011 Periastron Passage of the Be Binary delta Scorpii

Fighting for Telescope Time? Use the Amateurs!

Spectroscopy of the archetype colliding-wind binary WR 140

A focus for hot stars – The German STScI

Stellar Winds in Interaction – Conference Proceedings – Portugal 2010

Spectroscopic follow-up of WR140 during the 2009 January periastron passage

The Mons campaign on OB stars

Spectroscopic madness – A golden age for amateurs

The EnMAP hyperspectral imaging spectrometer

Remarks on statistical errors of equivalent widths

Coordinated monitoring of the eccentric O-star binary ιOrionis…

Continuum optical circular polarisation in the young O star θ¹ Orionis C?

An investigation of the large-scale variability of the apparently single Wolf-Rayet star WR 1

Spectropolarimetry of the WR+O Binary γ² Velorum during Periastron Passage

A 2.3 Day Periodic Variability in the Apparently Single Wolf-Rayet Star WR 134…

Unusual Emission-Line Profile Variations in γ² Velorum

The William-Wehlau Spectropolarimeter: Observing Hot Stars in All Four Stokes Parameters

A comprehensive variability study of the enigmatic WN8 stars – Final results

Outmoving Clumps in the Wind of the Hot O Supergiant ζ Puppis

Spectropolarimetry – A new Window for Stellar Physics

Analysis of IUE spectrograms for Be stars

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