Astrophysics on the kitchen table

Our guests in the control room of the observatory. In the background, participants build their own spectrograph.
Why do the planets move in one plane? Because peppercorns gather in the middle of the water!

We were lucky! We had good weather and so we could not only present our work and the observatory to sixteen guests for Girl’s Day, but also perform several practical experiments and observations. Probably none of our guests has ever built a spectrograph out of a compact disk and was able to see the solar spectrum with it. Our ladies were visibly impressed by what is physically possible with the simplest means. In the school lab sunspots and protuberances could be observed visually but also with a camera. And why the planets move in a plane and why our galaxy has the shape of a discus was demonstrated with water and peppercorns. In addition, we discussed the observatory and our work for the next generation and presented our instruments with their possibilities. Promptly some participants announced their interest in further work at the observatory. We say: Welcome!

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